500 Words on What you Need to Know About BuzzFeed’s “Bombshell” Cohen-Trump-Moscow Article


In case you haven’t heard, Buzzfeed, NBC’s dirty little propaganda outlet, has reported a breathless bombshell that asserts that Trump directed his FORMER attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to federal prosecutors. So, let’s dive right into the meat, or lack thereof, and put this article in context for what it really is.

What it is-not.

The article does not offer any proof whatsoever of anything that it alleges. Not one shred of evidence. The primary author, Jason Leopold, who was fired from Salon for plagiarism, and the LA Times for violent threats against his co-workers, is a known Trump antagonists who has published multiple bombastic articles based on dubious corroboration. Like other articles they have published in the past, the closest Buzzfeed gets to “proof”are unnamed sources, and some unseen emails. That’s it.

Compounding that fact that the “sources” are unnamed sources, the core credibility of the article is that they are ” two federal law enforcement officials.” This implies that they work for the Mueller investigation or the FBI in some capacity. Which means that they could never go on the record to corroborate anything they have allegedly leaked without risk of prosecution for leaking an ongoing investigation.

So, what’s this mean?

It means that this entire affair comes down to the word of the President verses a known and convicted liar. A person who has, admittedly, lied to congress as well as the Mueller investigation, under oath, about the very subject he is now alleged to be telling the truth. This is a legal and public relations no-brainer for team Trump.

So Why the Article?

The article was not written to be a “bombshell” that takes down a president, but rather a “bomb” that can be thrown against the proverbial sticky wall for House Democrats and the news sources they are in league with. Basically, a “news” story that can be used as cannon fodder to muddy the water ahead of the Mueller report.

The William Barr nomination forced Mueller and his army of angry Democrats to step up their game ahead of the special report’s final release date. The problem is not that Barr will hide or play politics with the content of the final report. The problem for Democrats is that he will not  play politics with the content of the final report.

Without a recused or temporary AG, and Rosenberg  quarterbacking the report, there is little doubt that a nothingburger will remain a nothingburger, which is the worst case scenario for the media sources and politicians who have bet their reputations on this report.

Everyone agrees that the report is due out in February. Newsbanc predicts that quite a few more “breathless bombshells” that lack corroboration will be leaked ahead of the final report in an attempt to give Democrats something to sink their teeth into to save face for the multiple millions spent on an investigation in search of a crime that never took place.

UPDATE: A representative from the Mueller investigation team issued the following statement:


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