In a bizarre incident near Raleigh, N.C., Bernard Antonio Downing, whose motoring skills are highly suspect, was driving a stolen car when he crashed into another vehicle. Then he crashed into a parked car. Then he turned around and sped straight toward the guy whose car he had just hit.

The car owner drew his gun and shot Downing’s stolen vehicle once as Downing collided with his car a second time. Downing, still behind the wheel, then fled the area.

Whoa, Nelly.

Shortly afterward, officers found the heavily damaged stolen car and took Downing into custody. He already had an outstanding arrest warrant for violating probation following a previous burglary and is now being held without bail.

This seems to have been one of those rare cases in which a vehicle was being used as a potentially lethal weapon, justifying deadly force in return.

Have you ever experienced a self-defense incident on the road? What do you think you’d do in a situation like this?