Baby killer waives appeal to expedite his execution: 'I'm ready to accept my punishment'

A convicted baby killer on death row in Texas filed a motion this week to waive his appeals and fire his attorney in hopes of expediting his execution because he’s “ready to accept” his punishment.

Travis Mullis, 31, was sentenced to death in 2011 after he admitted to molesting and then killing his 3-month-old son by stomping on the infant’s head when he wouldn’t stop crying. Mullis told FOX26 on Wednesday he’s ready for justice to be served — and doesn’t want to wait for his execution anymore.

“I’m guilty of what I did and the death penalty is the legally justified and, I believe morally, sentence for what I’ve done,” Mullis told the news station. “I’m ready to accept my punishment.”

Mullis added “crying after a while,” waiting for his execution, “just got to be overwhelming.”

Travis Mullis

Travis Mullis was 21 when he killed his newborn son.  (FOX26 Houston)

Mullis was 21 in 2008 when he killed his son. Just before the murder, Mullis brought a friend’s 8-year-old daughter to a school playground with the intention of molesting her. The girl started crying, so he took her home and left the house with his infant son.

“He started crying. I tried to console him. I thought it would work, but it didn’t work. I sexually assaulted him and killed him,” Mullis said. “I put him on the side of the road and stomped on his skull until it collapsed.”

This week’s motion isn’t the first time Mullis tried to expedite his impending death. He previously waived his direct appeal after being sentenced to death. In January, he again told the Houston Chronicle he wanted to die as quickly as possible.

“I support my death sentence and want it carried out ASAP,” he told the newspaper in a letter at the time. “I was sentenced to death, not indefinite detention.”

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