Ballistic Magazine: Don’t Offer Opinions On a Gun You’ve Never Used

courtesy Mossberg via GetZone

The guys over at Ballistic Magazine laying down some truth regarding the new Mossberg MC1sc. They received so many eye-roll worthy comments about Mossberg’s foray into pistols they decided to put together an entire piece about it. Here’s an excerpt:

The Mossberg MC1sc looks like…

Apparently “every handgun ever made, ever.” Seriously, we saw readers list about three dozen different handguns and the MC1sc looks like all of them. Here’s a roundup of what we saw, but we left out about another 200 comments.

  • “Oh look, it’s a bootleg S&W Sheild.” (Guess nobody ever taught this guy “‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C.’”)
  • “Looks like a M&P Shield had a baby with a Springfield XD.”
  • “If a Shield and a Taurus G2C had a baby.”
  • “Made by Taurus?”
  • “Looks like a knock-off Glock.”
  • “Profile sure looks like a G43.”
  • “Looks like a cross between a Glock and a P365.”
  • “It looks like a Ruger SR9.”

Mossberg will always be known for its shotguns and rifles, the performance of which [are] inarguably fantastic. One reader — literally one — didn’t seem to think so.

  • “So now Mossberg can suck at handguns in addition to shotguns and rifles too?”

Finally, Ballistic got down to it with a statement I wholeheartedly agree with:

Bottom line: Before rendering a verdict on a gun that literally none of you have fired, might want to put it through a test run first. If you run it and have issues with performance or mechanics, that’s a different story. However, as is the case with much of life, you don’t know until you try it. – Ballistic Magazine, MC1sc: The Most Ridiculous Comments About Mossberg’s New Pistol

Right in the feels, Ballistic.

Check out the entire article over at the Ballistic website.

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