Buy Yourself the Father’s Day Present You Wanted But Didn’t Get

Another Father’s Day. What was it this year, a pair of socks? A set of socket wrenches? Maybe a(nother) ‘World’s Greatest Dad‘ coffee mug? Gee, thanks guys! 

Now that you’ve eaten your special breakfast with the kiddies and said all the obligatory thank-you’s, it’s time for a real Father’s Day present. Which means (if you’re lucky) you can use that gift card they gave you or you’re just going to have to treat yourself. And why not…you deserve it!

Cabela’s is open today or, if you’ll be parked in front of the tube watching the US Open, you can shop on line at Brownells or Sportsman’s Guide. Either way, here are a few ideas for gear you know you need to satisfy the gun guy in you.

Ammunition – Q: How much ammo do you need? A: More. Enough said.

UpLuLa Magazine Loader

Ammo Loader – Sore thumbs at the range? Spending more times stuffing rounds in your mags than you are shooting. Pick up a good loader and keep those magazines topped off the easy way. An UpLULA is worth its weight in gold!

Rem Oil Gun Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies – Action cleaner, CLP, Hoppe’s or Rem Oil? That’s the kind of cleaning gear every gun owner needs more of. Maybe some Swab-Its Bore Tips or a Bore Snake in that caliber you’re missing. Even if it’s just some lint-free patches, make sure your cleaning kit is fully stocked.

Electronic Hearing Protection

Ears – Sure, those foam plugs are good enough to get by so the range master doesn’t hassle you, but you know you’ve always wanted a good set of electronic muffs. They’ll actually protect your hearing and let you carry on a conversation while muffling the concussions from guy next to you on the line who’s shooting that AR-10 with the muzzle brake. Peltor’s Tactical 500s have Bluetooth, dynamic suppression, and voice tracking. Whether listening to a podcast while mowing the lawn or taking calls on the range, these things are awesome.

Eyes – A good pair of eye pro is a must. If you’ve been making do with a pair of Home Depot specials, it’s time to upgrade. Get yourself a shooting-specific pair that lets you swap out different color lenses for changing light conditions and targets. It will make a huge difference in your comfort and your shooting.

Handgun Magazines

Magazines – It’s pretty much the same story as with ammunition. You simply never have enough. Make sure you have at least four for every semi-auto pistol you own, then build from there.

Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot

Sights – How about a new set of offset iron sights or a red dot for your AR? Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot is a great performer that won’t break the bank.

Streamlight TLR-1 HL Weapon Light Home Defense

Weapon Light – Whether it’s for your bump-in-the-night pistol or your hog-hunting rifle, a good flashlight like the Streetlight TLR-1 HL is a must.

Boker Kwaiken Gengleman's Knife EDC Blade

Pocket Knife – Man does not live by ballistics alone. You need a good EDC blade, too. At least one. Any why not make it something stylish and sleek like the Boker Kwaiken gentleman’s flipper?

Abrams Tank 120mm Shell Cashing Cigar Ash Tray

Ash Tray – You don’t want be seen flicking your stogie ashes into just any old tin can or dirty glass. Why not get yourself a purpose-built ash tray fashioned from the casing of an Abrams tank’s 120mm shell casing? You’re sure to be the only guy join the block with one.

Father’s Day is your day. Be sure to let the rugrats see you drinking from that #1 Dad mug, but don’t let the day pass without getting yourself something you really want, too. And have a good one.

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