The Washington Post issued a significant correction Tuesday to their story featuring an interview with Native American activist Nathan Phillips who was in a viral encounter with high school boys wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. He initially claimed they were antagonizing him. New, longer video shows that he approached the boys first and played [...]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wasted no time signing a radical pro-abortion bill into law Tuesday. Just hours after the state Senate and Assembly passed it, Cuomo signed the bill, legalizing abortion for basically any reason up to birth in New York state, Rochester City Newspaper reports. The pro-abortion governor gave Sarah Weddington, the attorney [...]

Students from Covington Catholic High School spoke out against the media smear campaign against them, saying they’ve endured death threats and have been doxxed multiple times. Two Covington students identified as Sam and Grant spoke out in a video posted to social media by high school junior C.J. Pearson, denouncing the media’s portrayal of their peers as [...]

The New York Senate passed a radical pro-abortion bill Tuesday that would allow unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth. Metro reports the bill passed after abortion activists pushed it for more than a decade in New York. Until now, it failed to pass the state Senate because of Republican [...]

A Catholic priest slammed the March for Life in a series of tweets over the weekend, despite the Catholic Church’s strong and constant support of the peaceful pro-life rally and the unborn. Franciscan friar Father Daniel Horan, who teaches at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, called the pro-life event “repulsive and futile” because so [...]

Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse of Colorado, a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee, told constituents the panel will likely investigate Justice Brett Kavanaugh for perjury. “There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Neguse said when asked if the justice might be impeached. “I think the Judiciary Committee [...]

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