Celebrate law enforcement for a major bust of neo-Nazis

In a story “just across the wire” that promises to offer a lot of other great detail, the FBI and Justice Department look to have hit a grand slam in Arkansas by moving to take down a gang of violent white supremacists.

Groups like the New Aryan Empire are diseased barnacles befouling the bulwarks of American society, so it is an encouraging thing to see their membership ensnared in a major racketeering indictment. As the Department of Justice announced Tuesday afternoon, “Dozens of members of a white supremacist gang allegedly responsible for multiple acts of violence were charged in a superseding indictment unsealed today in the Eastern District of Arkansas. The indictment alleges that the New Aryan Empire is a racketeering enterprise, which committed violent acts — attempted murder, kidnapping, and maiming — in support of its organization and its wide-ranging drug-trafficking operation.”

Together, the empire’s members were indicted for gun and drug charges along with “acts involving attempted murder, kidnapping, maiming, and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.” The more one reads the announcement, the worse these self-proclaimed Aryans sound.

As the announcement said, they are removing from society thugs who have been creating “an atmosphere of violence and fear in our communities.” Of course, “an indictment is merely an accusation and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.” Considering the hateful ideology of these white supremacists in Arkansas, one would hope that abundant proof will be forthcoming.

Kudos to what looks like a massive, joint law-enforcement effort to take them down.

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