Comedy Central writer: I wish Justice Kennedy 'had been shot' instead of JFK or Robert

Curtis Cook, a Los Angeles-based writer for Comedy Central, vented his frustration with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement by saying he wishes the justice had been “shot.”

“I wish this Kennedy had been shot instead of the other ones,” tweeted Cook, linking to an AP headline on the announcement.

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Justice Kennedy’s retirement, which will take effect on July 31, has sparked a Twitter firestorm from Democrats who don’t want to see the seat become occupied by the conservative justice that President Trump has promised to nominate.

Cook’s tweet also received a fair amount of backlash from angry Twitter users.

“You wish a Supreme Court Justice would of been shot. I’ve been shot that is a despicable thing to wish on anyone,” wrote one user.

“…and ironically gives Trump the ability to instantly replace him. I dont think he thought this tweet through.

Also he is advocating the murder of the most pro LGBT justice ever,” wrote another.

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