Happy Monday, friends. This gem of a defensive gun use happened Sunday evening in Pennsylvania. Around 6:00pm, as the 57-year-old homeowner was working at home, an unknown white male intruder walked into his garage, picked up a can of gasoline, entered the living area of the house and began to pour gas all over the floor.

The two men began fighting as the homeowner tried to push the intruder out of his house and the assailant responded by throwing him to the ground.

Luckily, the homeowner’s daughter was there, and she ran to get her father’s gun while calling 911. She handed the gun to her dad, who was able to rise to a kneeling position and shoot the attacker. He fired just once, hitting the attacker center mass.

The attacker was still breathing when the police arrived. He was flown to a hospital and will be charged with burglary, simple assault, and arson, assuming he lives. The homeowner sustained injuries to his face.

Just another example of why some of us home carry. Even in the shower.