Former ICE Director Responds to Trump’s Veto: ‘He Proved He’s a Great President’

President Donald Trump is “a great president” for sticking to his promises to build a border wall, said Thomas Homan, former acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

On Friday, Trump vetoed a congressional resolution that sought to block his declaration of an emergency along America’s southern border. Trump has said the declaration is necessary to build a wall that can reduce rampant illegal immigration.

Homan spoke Friday night about the veto during a Fox Business interview with Lou Dobbs that was tweeted by Trump.

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He said the veto was the mark of a president stand tall and standing by his promises.

“Well, I think one of the greatest presidents of my generation did exactly what he should’ve done, did exactly what he said he was going to do, and he did exactly what the American people expect of their president — do everything he can legally to protect this nation and protect its citizens,” Homan said.

He said Trump deserves the mantle of greatness for his refusal to cave in when some around him are doing so.

“I respect this man greatly because he proved again, like he’s done so many times, he proved he’s a great president,” Homan said.

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“He basically says, ‘I will fight whoever I need to fight, including those within my own party, to do what’s right for this nation.’ That’s what a president is supposed to do, and that’s what makes this man a great president,” he said.

Trump also received support from Border Patrol union leader Brandon Judd, who backed the veto in an Op-Ed on Fox News.

Judd noted that long before Trump arrived in the White House, former President Barack Obama failed to take the tough action needed at the time that could have headed off the crisis that greeted Trump when he took office.

Judd said Obama and the Democratic Party were “too worried about re-election” and “punted” on border security, blaming their refusal to act on “politics.”

“President Trump is different. He’s proven that the specter of a re-election fight isn’t enough to stop him from doing what he believes is right,” Judd wrote. “Unlike Obama, Trump has shown an absolute willingness to tackle controversial issues in his first term.”

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Judd said the 12 Senate Republicans who stood against the president, as well as the Democrats who opposed him, fail to understand the severity of the issue.

He wrote that denying there is a crisis on the southwest border “is like denying water is wet. The number of illegal border crossers, the amount of drugs and the number of deaths in the United States from those drugs are all a testament to our current crisis.”

Judd’s bottom line: Trump did what the nation needed him to do.

“President Trump was right to veto the resolution and I applaud him for his decision. He is acting in accordance with the law, while at the same time showing great strength in tackling the illegal immigration debate head-on, in his first term,” he wrote.

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