“(In Japan) I wasn’t scanning every grocery store for its nearest exits as I shopped with my toddler son and newborn daughter, or standing on the fringes of a crowd at concerts, or wearing sneakers to the local playground solely so I could more easily grab my children and run for all of our lives if I had to. We were fully enjoying life again, and it wasn’t until the weight was gone that I realized I’d been nearly crushed beneath it.

“After two years enjoying the safety and serenity of Japan, we are now on the cusp of a move back to America. At a time when we should be looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends and introducing our new daughter to her country, instead, I’m dreading returning to a place where seven kids are shot and killed every day.” – Kate Lewis in After a Life With No Gun Violence, Our Family Move to America Is Terrifying [via popsugar.com]