Maj Toure Takes His Urban Gun Rights Campaign to Chicago

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By now you’ve probably heard of Maj Toure. The Philadelphia-based gun rights crusader founded and runs Black Guns Matter. As Toure told TTAG last week, it’s BLM’s mission to preach safe, responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights to urban communities nationwide.

Since he started BLM, Toure’s taken his road show to more than 40 cities. He holds classes and seminars in communities that typically don’t get much attention other than on the evening news when reporting the latest shooting.

BLM’s low- or no-cost events teach under-served groups basic gun “anatomy,” safe firearms handling and storage practices, local law compliance, how to get a concealed carry permit and Second Amendment rights. Toure also talks mental health and refers attendees who need it to local providers who can help.

Guys in war zones who see occasional gunfire come back with PTSD. I’m working with people who are around that kind of traumatic violence every week and they don’t know who to go to.

BLM’s events also cover conflict resolution and de-escalation so that, whenever possible, bad situations don’t get to the point of pulling a trigger.

Toure revels in taking his message to communities that are less than welcoming to gun rights messages. This month, his urban empowerment caravan is in Chicago.

Why Chicago? As Toure told me,

That’s where the gun control is and the homicide rate goes with it.

He says going to places like Chicago is “an amazing way to make the hood great again.”

On Saturday, Toure will be at Conference Chicago spreading his gun rights message to hundreds of attendees, teaching the crowd how they can get an Illinois FOID card and get licensed to carry. If you’re in the area, you can get your ($5) ticket through Eventbrite.

While Toure get some corporate support from companies like US Law Shield, he funds the majority of his operation with contributions through his Patreon account if you’d like to help him spread the gun rights gospel.

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