Man tried using cell phone as scooter headlight, Maine police say

A man’s late-night trip on a scooter along the Maine Turnpike came to an abrupt end on Friday after he was pulled over for using his cellphone as a substitute for a headlight, according to police.

Maine State Police said in a news release the 26-year-old man was traveling from New Bedford, Mass. to Maine and was stopped around 1:20 a.m.

“The operator did not have a valid drivers’ license, and the scooter was not registered,” state police said. “Thankfully, he was stopped after traveling only a couple miles into Maine as he was very difficult to see at night without lights.”


In a post on the agency’s Facebook page, police included photos of the scooter, which is illegal to drive on the Maine Turnpike.

The agency said the 26-year-old was given a summons for operating without a vehicle without a license and operating and unregistered vehicle.

After towing the scooter, state police said troopers gave the man a ride to his final destination.

“It is not clear why he was traveling in the middle of the night other than his reasons were good enough that Troopers helped him out,” state police said in a Facebook post. “They gave him a ride to his destination, about 70 miles up the road.”

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