Mississippi lawmaker allegedly punched wife in face over sex

A drunken Mississippi lawmaker punched his wife in the face for not getting undressed quickly enough when he wanted to have sex, according to a police report.

Republican state Rep. Doug McLeod, a married father of three, was arrested late Saturday on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after deputies from the George County Sheriff’s Department responded to his home and found him intoxicated and still holding a glass of alcohol, according to an investigative report obtained by the Sun Herald.

“Are you kidding me?” McLeod, 58, of Lucedale, asked when told by responding deputies that they were investigating a domestic assault report.

The state rep then yelled that “the cops are here” inside his home before stumbling back outside while slurring his speech and slowly walking in a “zigzag pattern,” according to the report. Deputies also described seeing McLeod hold onto a handrail to keep his balance.

Deputies reported that McLeod punched his wife in the face, bloodying her nose, and leaving her trembling and shaking by the time investigators arrived. She told deputies that the state rep of seven years was drunk and “just snapped,” a common occurrence when he’s drinking, according to the report.

Blood was found on the couple’s bed and their bedroom floor, but McLeod tried to insist that nothing was wrong before saying something undecipherable to deputies due to his inebriation, the report states.

Another woman at the home told deputies that McLeod’s wife ran to her room with blood on her face before the woman let McLeod’s wife inside the room and locked the door. McLeod then banged on the door and demanded for it to be opened before threatening to kill the woman’s dog, according to the report.

McLeod’s wife declined to be taken to a hospital via ambulance, instead telling deputies that her daughter would take her to get medical attention.

McLeod, who has been released from jail on bond, did not return a message seeking comment early Wednesday.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, sheriff officials said.

Mississippi’s House speaker, Republican Philip Gunn, said in a statement Tuesday that McLeod should resign if the allegations are true, calling them “unacceptable for anyone.”

The chairman of the state’s Republican Party, Lucien Smith, echoed Gunn’s sentiment, saying McLeod must step down if he’s proven guilty.

“Violence in any relationship is unacceptable, and I condemn this conduct in the strongest possible terms,” Smith said in a statement late Tuesday.

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