The Remignton 1100 series of shotguns is a true classic, one of the best semi-auto shotguns ever made. I know, I know, Remington has had their quality control issues in the past, but I’ve shot more Remington products than I can even begin to remember in recent years and have only had one problem. But there was a really good reason your grandfather bought his 1100 and those guns are still impressive workhorses to this day.

Black Aces Tactical Remington 1100 Vintage Shotgun SBS

Black Aces Tactical, who has been making shotguns into not-shotguns since before it was cool, has a great new old product. They are buying up Remignton 1100s that were built in the 60’s to the mid 80’s and restoring them.

The Black Aces Tactical Vintage line features a refurbished and Cerakoted receiver, an upgraded piston, new seals and upgraded lifter latch spring. They’re using original factory wood with great a patina (their description, I haven’t seen one yet) and refinishing it to a deep gloss.

The The Black Aces Vintage 1100s are available in two flavors, an SBS with a 12.5-inch barrel that packs 4+1 rounds and an 18.5-inch version that holds 6+1.

The SBS version will set you back $949, which seems more than fair for one of these old beauties.

Black Aces Tactical Remington 1100 Vintage Shotgun SBS

The 18.5-inch version is the same price.