Pinterest Fires Whistleblower Who Exposed It Censoring Pro-Life Group’s Content

Pinterest reportedly fired the young man who exposed it for secretly censoring the pro-life group Live Action.

Eric Cochran worked as a software engineer at Pinterest before he was fired for exposing its bias against pro-lifers, The Daily Caller reports.

Cochran, who is pro-life, said he was fired after the company realized that he was the whistleblower who spoke with Project Veritas. He said security guards approached him and told him to leave; when he asked why, he said they did not give him an answer.

Earlier this week, he exposed documents showing that Pinterest was blocking content from the pro-life group Live Action by placing it on a list with pornography sites and other objectionable content.

“I did this because I saw wrongdoing,” Cochran told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. “And the normalization of censorship within Big Tech companies right now is downright un-American.”

He said big online companies are secretly protecting the abortion lobby.

“I saw a Big Tech company saying … behind closed doors that they believe that Live Action shouldn’t have a platform to speak, and the big thing is: I want them to have to … say this publicly instead of behind closed doors,” he said.

Cochran said he hopes other employees within these big media companies will start blowing the whistle on their secret biases, too.

“This is about abortion. You are seeing now with YouTube doing Pinterest’s bidding by removing the Project Veritas video,” he said.

Google removed the exposé from YouTube, claiming it violates its privacy policy, according to the report.

“They are 100-percent in to protect the abortion lobby,” he continued. “And pro-lifers who exist within Big Tech companies — there’s a lot of us. They need to come to Project Verita,s and they need to expose what’s going on. They need to make these tech companies like I have explicitly say that ‘we are on the side of the abortion lobby.”

Pro-life advocates set up a fundraiser to help Cochran until he can find another job. Find it here.

After the expose came out, Pinterest permanently suspended Live Action’s account. The company claimed that Live Action’s “pro-life content is ‘medically inaccurate information’ and ‘conspiracies’ that lead to ‘violence,’” Live Action President and founder Lila Rose said.

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