Recently in West Virginia, Angie Steffey, who teaches high school English, was letting her dog out into the backyard when the dog started acting strangely accompanied by some weird noises in the yard. It could be my husband coming home from work an hour early, she thought. It wasn’t: when she looked out the window, she saw someone breaking into her car.

Angie called 911 and asked the man to leave. After he refused, she decided it might be a good idea to be armed in this situation.

“So, finally, I told the dispatcher ‘I’m going to get my gun’, and they didn’t want me to do that but I still continued to say that I was going to get my gun,” Steffey said.

That stopped the crime-in-progress real quick. When Angie stepped out onto the porch with the gun, the man ran off – but not without leaving a parting gift. Here’s the crystal meth he dropped on her seat:

Polite guy.

“He really needs to find the Lord and get his life straightened up,” said Angie. “He doesn’t have to live like that.”

You can watch the full news report, including some footage of the suspect (still at large) prowling around, here:

What would you have done in this situation?