A shoot-out erupted in a 24-hour arts festival held in a warehouse in Trenton New Jersey last night.

Nearly two dozen people were injured after gunfire broke out early Sunday during a fight at an all-night art event in New Jersey’s capital city, leaving one suspect dead and authorities investigating if any others were involved.

Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri said at a news conference that a total of 20 people were injured in the shooting, 16 of which were treated for gunshot wounds at nearby hospitals. A second suspect is in custody.

Police exchanged gunfire with at least one of the two suspects and one is dead.

Police have identified at least two suspects in the shooting. One, a 33-year-old man, was been pronounced dead while the other was taken into police custody. Onofri said that authorities are investigating if the suspect was shot and killed by someone else, or police. Trenton police at the scene told NJ.com that officers engaged with at least one gunman.

We eagerly await governor Phil Murphy’s statement explaining that still more strict gun control laws will solve New Jersey’s crime problem.