Suspect stabbed K-9 dog under both eyes, police say

A Houston-area woman has been arrested after stabbing a police K-9 dog under both eyes as police officers tried to apprehend her Monday, police said.  

The suspect, identified as Abigail Martinez, 23, had been wanted on an outstanding felony drug warrant when Baytown police officers approached her recreational vehicle, Corpus Christi’s KRIS-TV reported. Baytown is about 27 miles east of Houston.

Baytown, Texas

Abigail Martinez, 23, had been wanted on an outstanding felony drug warrant, police say.  (Baytown Police Department)

Police said Martinez refused to come out of the RV, so officers opened the door, the Dallas Morning News reported. Police said they found Martinez’s uncle, Felipe Martinez, 40, sitting on a couch.

Police said Felipe Martinez tried to get his niece to come out of the back room, but she again refused. Police then warned her they were sending in a K-9.

“The K-9 quickly located the suspect in the back bedroom area. And when the K-9 went to approach the suspect, the suspect had a small piece of plastic, the handle to an eyebrow trimmer of some sort, and jabbed at the dog, striking the dog one time on each eye,” Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris said.

Martinez was arrested and charged with a felony drug warrant and interfering with a police service dog. Martinez and her uncle – who reportedly had outstanding traffic warrants – were booked into the Baytown jail.

The dog was treated at a local hospital for two puncture wounds under the eyes, before being returned to duty.

Bradford Betz is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bradford_betz.

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