Gun Issues

Gun Issues

We did it! According to a decade-long survey of gun ownership around the world, the United States now has more firearms than people, about 1.2 guns for every man, woman and child. It’s always appalled civilian disarmament types and their media stenographers that Americans love their guns so much, so expect this news – that America [...]

courtesy Google street view Our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex are fond of telling women that owning a gun increases the danger that it will eventually be used against them. They preach that owning a firearm will only allow an abusive husband or attacker to take it away and use it against them. [...]

The Kestros is built on the F-Class platform for F-Open competition shooting. (Photo: McMillan) McMillan Fiberglass Stocks debuts a new model into its F-Class stock lineup, introducing the Kestros Model. Built on the F-Class platform, the stock is best suited for F-Open competition, according to McMillan. The Kestros fore-end features a filled in design that [...]

Assemblymember Mike Gipson, seen here at a gun control rally, says regulating gun parts currently sold online and over the counter is needed for public safety. (Photo: Gipson’s office) An Assembly bill now in the Senate would regulate “firearm precursor parts” sold in California through licensing, reporting and background checks. The measure, AB 2383, passed [...]

courtesy “Accessing accurate data for small arms is always a difficult task. In the arms trade, small arms are considered the cancer of any society, as they facilitate human rights abuses, criminality, insurrection as well as murder, particularly in developing countries or countries subject to war.” – British arms trade expert Martin Drew in Civilians [...]

The Rex Alpha is chambered in 9mm and ready for competition right out of the box. (Photo: FIME Group) The Rex Alpha and Rex Zero 1 are joining the USPSA Production Class gun list, offering more options to competitive handgun shooters. The Rex Alpha is a 9mm, competition ready, steel frame pistol that features upgrades [...]

An estimated 6.8 million Americans aged 13 to 18 are believed to use Facebook and, under new rules, starting this week they will no longer see ads for various items deemed by the social media network of being “weapons accessories” (Photo: Chris Eger/ Beginning Thursday the social network will start restricting paid ads for gun [...]

SilencerCo adds more colors to its suppressor inventory. (Photo: SilencerCo) SilencerCo drops new color finishes onto its suppressor line, adding more options to consumers looking to spice up their gun builds. The colors will appear on popular suppressor models ranging from .22 up to .300 Win Mag. Silencerco says it will now offer the following [...]

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