Thank Goodness We Have NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to Explain How Shotguns Work

The AR-15 has only been around for about 60 years, so you can understand why no one in the mainstream media seems to know the first thing about what it does, how it works…you know…esoteric details like that. It’s why they hate it so much when gun rights supporters call them on their errors in reporting when an AR figures prominently in the news. They whine and call it “gunsplaining.”

So when they call them ultra-powerful semi-automatics machine guns, cut them a break. They simply haven’t had enough time to absorb all of the AR’s intricacies.

A shotgun, though is a different story. They’ve been around for about 140 years. You’d think that would be enough time for these enterprising journalists — people trained and practiced in ferreting out the facts — to learn how something as simple as a scattergun works. But you’d be wrong.

The Annapolis shooter used a legally purchased shotgun yesterday to murder five people in the Capital Gazette newsroom. Fortunately America has people like Andrea Mitchell to explain what happened.

Bless her heart. Mitchell’s come in for more than a little ridicule since unleashing that tweet.

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