Specialist 38, a technical specialist from the South East, sends his “Bare Minimum” setup.  From Everyday Carry.

Like many of us, he’s always got a gun on.  In fact, sometimes more than one.  Here’s what he writes:

This is what I carry every day. I may carry more (like a spare mag or another gun) but I have this if I am vertical and awake.

Indeed, home carry is a good thing.  Don’t you love those people who ask, “How long would it take you to get to a loaded gun in your home?”

The look on their face when you say 1.5 seconds oftentimes borders on priceless.

Easily one of the more unusual items:  the old-school Case Stockman pocket knife.  Just like my grandpa used to carry.  Specialist also carries a Benchmade Griptilian, so it’s old school and new school on blades.

Oh yeah, and the irony that Specialist38 carries a .380 in the form of an LCP.  How about that?  I liked the LCP a lot way back when.  Well, until the LCPII came along.  In fact, I liked the LCPs so much that back in 2013, at my second wedding (practice makes perfect), my groomsmen all got an LCP.  Yeah, they thought that was a pretty cool groomsman gift.