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JERRY LEWIS GUNATHON!! Massive Personal Arsenal for Sale

We never did think he was funny. But this gets him a posthumous check on the credit side of his life ledger . . .

Did you know … Jerry Lewis had enough guns in his private collection to arm an entire militia?!

It’s true … and now his entire arsenal — from pump action shotguns to civil war pistols — are all hitting the auction block.

73 firearms in total … with some of the weapons starting in the 5-figure range at the Julian’s Auction event in Vegas on June 22.

Among the highlights … multiple 12 gauge riot shotguns, a Beretta semi automatic pistol, a whole bunch of mini-revolvers, a Glock 17 semi automatic and a Ruger Blackhawk revolver .44 mag.

Gun Control Activists Laid Down For ‘Die-In’ — Group Trolls Them with Epic Reminder of 2nd Amendment


While pro-gun control activists where hosting a “die-in” in front of the U.S. Capitol building and Senate Republican offices, other activists held local “die-ins” to demand strict gun control legislation be passed and signed into law.

At some locations, there were pro-Second Amendment supporters hosting counter-rallies.

During the rally in Nashville, members of Freedom Rights decided to place pocket Constitutions on the people who lay down . . .


Microstamping technology will spur added trust in law enforcement

The Washington Post owes us a new keyboard…we read that headline with a mouth full of coffee . . .

Currently, ballistic technology relies on the unintentional tool marks left on a cartridge. These marks must be matched to a recovered firearm to begin the tracing process. If no firearm is recovered, a definitive match is not possible.

Microstamping creates microscopic alphanumeric and geometric engravings on a cartridge as the gun is fired that identify the weapon’s serial number. This enables law enforcement to use an expended cartridge case to trace a firearm without physically recovering the gun.

By allowing law enforcement to solve more firearm homicides in communities of color, microstamping could help police officers demonstrate a commitment to assisting these communities and gain community trust as a result.

Want to buy a gun? Town officials just made that nearly impossible here

This same anti-gun strategy didn’t fly in Chicago. We’ll have to see if the same holds true in New Jersey . . .

The all-Democratic governing body in Piscataway has unanimously approved an ordinance targeting weapons retailers — a move apparently without precedent in N.J.

In a 7-0 vote Thursday night, the Piscataway council signed off on the new zoning restriction, even though no such businesses currently operate in the township.

It will prohibit gun shops from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, houses of worship, university campuses — the Rutgers University football field is in Piscataway — medical facilities, bars and other locations.

Facebook Firearms Accessories Ad Policy Under 18

Facebook updates ad policies for ‘weapons,’ will restrict content for ‘accessories’ to users 18 and older

Because kids can’t manage to find them on Google . . .

Facebook announced an update to its advertising policies on Friday, which will place age limitations on promotions for a broad range of “weapons accessories.”

Facebook already prohibits ads for the direct sale of potentially lethal weapons, ammunition, and explosives. But a representative for the social media giant told the Washingotn ExaminerFriday that advertisers will now be required to manually restrict audiences to users over the age of 18 for promotions of the following items:

Mounted flashlights for firearms
Scopes and sights for firearms
Hunting, self-defense, and military clothing and gear such as shooting targets and clay throwers
Holsters and belt accessories
Gun safes, mounts (including bipods), gun cases, and slings
Equipment and protective clothing (including vests)
Paint, coatings or wraps for weapons and magazines

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