Tumwater, WA Man Shoots, Kills Carjacker Outside Walmart Store

Maybe you saw our post over the weekend about a Florida man who attempted two carjackings last week outside a Jacksonville Walmart he’d just robbed, only to be confronted by two drivers who were carrying guns. Yesterday, a continent away, another similar situation took place.

The facts are fuzzy as to whether the suspect in this case ever tried to rob the Tumwater, Washington Walmart, but, just like Jacksonville man, he attempted two carjackings, at least one in the Walmart parking lot. The difference in this case was, this perp had a firearm.

(A) man had tried to carjack a car, and shot a man inside the car twice. He then tried to carjack another car. Two citizens in the parking lot drew weapons; at least one of them shot and killed the armed man, (a police spokeswoman) said. …

Laura Wohl, spokeswoman for the Tumwater Police Department, said an adult man who had been shot was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. He was shot while the armed suspect tried to carjack his vehicle, Wohl said.

Heres’ hoping the injured driver makes a full recovery.

Again, just as in the earlier Jacksonville situation, this suburban broad daylight violence was handled by armed citizens before police could have possibly responded at the scene. Cops simply can’t be everywhere they’re needed at all times. We are our own first responders.

The un-named, now deceased suspect was a clear danger to law-abiding civilians. Those citizens acted within their rights to stop a lethal threat and protect themselves. This is why we carry.

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